What driving violations can lead to a loss of your CDL?

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When you make your living driving a commercial vehicle in Virginia, you need to take extra care every time you get behind the wheel. Certain traffic violations have the potential to threaten your commercial driver’s license. Some of these infractions involve on-the-job driving. However, you may also lose your CDL license for certain infractions you receive while driving a non-commercial vehicle.

Per the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, some violations that may jeopardize your CDL license include certain major violations, serious violations and hours-of-service violations.

Major violations that threaten a CDL license

Some of the major violations that may lead to a loss of your CDL license include driving under the influence and refusing to submit to an alcohol or drug test. Failing to stop after a crash involving your commercial vehicle is another major violation that may impact your CDL license. Using your commercial vehicle to commit some type of felony is another.

Serious violations that threaten a CDL license

Speeding more than 15 mph above the limit, driving recklessly or following too closely are among the serious violations that have the potential to jeopardize your CDL license. This holds true regardless of whether you received the violation while driving a commercial or traditional vehicle.

Hours-of-service violations that threaten a CDL license

Violating hours-of-service rules is another way you might lose your CDL license. A first-time hours-of-service violation may lead to a 180-day disqualification. A second or subsequent hours-of-service violation may lead to a three-year disqualification.

Ultimately, how long you lose your ability to drive a commercial vehicle after a violation may depend on several factors. These factors might include whether you have existing violations and whether you were transporting hazardous materials at the time of your infraction.