Employment Law

Employment Law For Businesses And Employees

Seasoned business owners recognize that their employees are their greatest asset. Cultivating and retaining a strong labor force doesn’t happen on its own, however. Developing strong workplace policies is the first step you will need to take to create a framework that helps you protect your assets and establish a successful company.

Here at Frankl Miller Webb & Moyers, we work proactively with our Virginia business clients as well as individuals to establish the type of business environment in which workers routinely exceed their employer’s expectations. Whether you need advice on developing policies that comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or handling an FMLA claim, we are able to help.

Protecting Workers’ Rights

Our lawyers represent workers in a variety of sectors throughout Roanoke and the surrounding area. We use the law to secure favorable results for FLSA-related violations that include:

  • Basic wage violations
  • Overtime pay violations
  • Record-keeping violations
  • Unlawful wage deductions to cover required uniforms or tools
  • Child labor violations

We are intimately familiar with employees’ rights under the FLSA, having designed many employee contracts, handbooks and procedures. When you hire us, our employment attorneys will use this insight to evaluate your workplace policies and determine whether a violation occurred.

Helping Employers Comply With The Law And Defend Against Claims

Our attorneys offer extensive services to business owners, assisting them with non-employment related matters like workers’ compensation claims and premises liability issues in addition to employment law concerns. We strive to limit the opportunity for litigation by helping employers create workplace procedures that comply with state and federal laws.

When litigation cannot be avoided, however, we are ready to defend against employment claims in court. We are dedicated to finding effective solutions that protect your revenue and your entity’s reputation.

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